Overview CEO Message What We Do Why HB Group
HB group of companies are valued as one of the best companies in eco-friendly packaging and road safety LED solutions. We manufacture exclusive quality packaging products and public road safety products. Our products conform to the concept of high quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainability.


manufactures a wide range of packaging products; FSC certified paper insulated boxes(polar boxes), paper honeycomb boards, paper gummed tapes, gummed paper dispensers, kraft paper tapes, and paper bags. We focus on using eco friendly and sustainable materials.


develops and produces road-safety stud lightings and devices that are powered by green energy sources such as sunlight and are easy to maintain. Visibility is important in a traffic environment for the safety of pedestrians and drivers. Our products are dedicated to road safety as well as energy saving. Such technology of manufacturing products was developed for the first time in the world and has been patented at home and abroad.


manufactures a variety of packaging boxes ranging from small courier boxes to large and heavy-duty export boxes. Also, we have developed and patented renewable paper coating technologies to produce specialty papers. Such developments comply with the new demands of the renewable and sustainable paper packaging industry. Based on such technology, we also produce specialty papers and various bags from the state of the art coating machines and CI flexo printing press.